Smart Global Holdings to be added to @TradeIdeas HOLLY Hot List

This specialty DRAM manufacturer came public in May of 2017 and has become an all-too-rare-these-days IPO success story. It debuted on the exchange at $12.00 per share and today trades around $40 per share.

With a market cap of $844 million and average daily trading volume of 487,000 shares, $SGH may just be getting started. Since October, it’s been trading in a wide, somewhat sloppy high base (not uncommon for a relatively new issue), but is now edging closer to breaking out to new all-time highs once again. Earnings are coming up next week, so that’s something you may want to consider when sizing your position.

We’ll be jumping in at the opening print tomorrow (Thursday Mar 15, 2018) and we’ll hold this position (as we hold all portfolio positions) until such time that we experience a 20% pullback from the high print we see during our hold.

HOLLY Hot List Portfolio Update

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Prices as of close of Trading on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

If you’d like to learn how HOLLY, the Artificially Intelligent Virtual Analyst, can improve your trading and investing results, please visit Trade Ideas.

Good luck out there!

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

Independent Stocks & Options Trader. Senior Market Strategist @ Trade Ideas. Chief Options Strategist @ All Star Charts.

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